Supporters Corner

Dear Moms, Dads, Friends and Fans of Travelers,

This part of the website is dedicated for you, the ones who wait at home for your child, your friend to be back home, or who wonders if he/she ate, slept well, has enough money, is healthy. You don’t care about another mountain to climb, about another city or one more country, you just want your child or friend to be safe and happy, no matter what he/she does. And back home. But you’ve got to tell them great! go on! don’t worry about us at home. we are all fine. Though eh?

I haven’t seen yet travel blogs to dedicate a part of it to the most important persons in the life of a traveler: their family, friends and fans who are there to support you as traveler when life gets tough, when you feel alone, or when you miss home. So I decided to make space on my travel blog to all those who love a traveler.

On this website you’ll find tips on how to explore the world together with your son or daughter, or friend or traveler whom you admire, how to understand them and be there when they need you, how to make your life knowing they are somewhere around the world.


A daughter, a friend, an admired traveler