About myself, Anca Onuta:

  • I’m Romanian 100%
  • I speak fluently 5 languages
  • I traveled in over 65 countries around the world
  • I spent more than 4 years of my life traveling and living abroad
  • I did 2 long trips – 2010 in South East Asia and Europe, and 2015-2016 Latin America
  • +120 000 miles (+ 200 000 km) on the road
  • I backpacked, took tours, slept in hostels, 5*hotels, couchsurfing, airports, buses
  • I did: city tours, backpacking, package tours, hitchhiking
  • Passionate about traveling, and the world without borders. I never made a living from traveling, and now after my last long trip I got inspired to share with the world the knowledge I accumulated in all these years of traveling
  • I use to have a personal blog. Now hosted on ancaonuta.wordpress.com, and recently I launched TravelMore.Live
  • I travel with 3 buddies: Romie (from Romania), Boobie(from Galapagos) and Frankie(from Puerto Rico)
  • The most amazing thing I’ve done in my life: QUIT MY COMFORT ZONE

About this travel blog:

The aim of this travel blog is to share the travel knowledge I accumulated while wondering the world and to spread the world about the magic of traveling. If you are a Globetrotter who wants to spread the word about traveling, just write me a line, and let’s make this world a more travel friendly place. If you are just traveling ones in a while, and you liked the blog, spread the word! Let the others be inspired as well.

All the posts and pictures from this blog have been done by the Author and belong to TravelMore.Live, no usage without my written authorisation is allowed.


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