About TravelMore.Live

The aim of this travel blog is inspire those who read it to travel more, to live while traveling. I don’t mean to live traveling, but to enjoy your journey.

I believe that everybody who has ever undertaken a trip deserves to be called a TRAVELER. We are all travelers: the ones who go for a weekend trip to the mountains, or in a city break, the ones who trek their home country mountains or who sail the seas. At TravelMore.Live a traveler is also the one who lives on the road, or the ones who decided to take a break and anchor for some time.

This travel blog is absolutely for everybody.

And what I bring special on this blog, is the attention and the dedicated sections for the beloved ones, the ones who are always there in your traveler heart, the ones who don’t always understand what’s in your heart, in your mind, but they are always there supporting you. The posts from their sections are meant to understand you more, to learn how to be closer to you, the traveler.

If you are a Globetrotter who wants to spread the word about traveling, just write me a line, and let’s make this world a more travel friendly place. If you are just traveling ones in a while, and you liked the blog, spread the word! Let the others be inspired as well.

Travel More. Live!