About Myself, Anca Onuta

  • I’m Romanian 100%
  • I speak fluently 5 languages
  • I traveled in over 65 countries around the world
  • I spent more than 4 years of my life traveling and living abroad
  • I did 2 long trips – 2010 in South East Asia and Europe, and 2015-2016 Latin America
  • +120 000 miles (+ 200 000 km) on the road
  • I did: city tours, backpacking, package tours, hitchhiking
  • I traveled through couchsurfing or just unknown people I met on my way
  • Passionate about traveling, and the world without borders. I never made a living from traveling, and now after my last long trip I got inspired to share with the world the knowledge I accumulated in all these years of traveling
  • I have a personal blog. Now hosted on ancaonuta.wordpress.com, and recently I launched TravelMore.Live
  • I made a successful career as Project Manager. Currently I’m putting “Ideas on Highway” and I launched a program dedicated for business owners: Project Manager for your Firm.
  • The most amazing thing I’ve done in my life: QUIT MY COMFORT ZONE
  • I travel with 3 buddies: Romie (from Romania), Boobie(from Galapagos) and Frankie(from Puerto Rico)


    Romie, Boobie and Frankie from TravelMore.Live