Upgrade your knowledge after traveling the world

While I was hiking the Andes I never thought in working on the road. I know a lot of people doing it nowadays, but I met in person very few people doing it, especially the ones traveling in remote places with poor internet connection. What I do know is people who live in another country and working remotely or even starting their own business.

But how can you get started? How can you find the push, motivation and the structure to get you start a business or setup an income source? I would say, start with getting yourself up to date with the latest trends. How? There are several things I tried myself and recommend:

  1. Udemy
    I think Udemy is the discovery of the year for me. While they’ve been around for a long time and I knew about them for a while, I haven’t try it till recently. For my surprise, they’ve got great practical trainings on almost everything. And what is actually the reasons why I recommend Udemy is because:
         1. The instructions have done it! They are qualified and they don’t talk boring fairy tales. I’m not saying they are all super pros, but you’ll find a great selection.
         2. The instructors have to keep the classes updated. So let’s say you take a course in LinkedIn Sales Funnels, but LinkedIn changed a lot in 2017, the instructors will update their classes to keep it up to the changes. Not all will do it, but read the reviews before getting the training and you’ll know from the reviews if the instructor didn’t update the training
         3. You have a preview. Chemistry is key sometimes, and Udemy gives you the possibility to preview the class. If you aren’t sold by the instructor’s intro, voice and structure, you don’t buy it.
         4. The cost of most of great classes is 10 EUR/USD/GBP. This is actually phrased as a huge discount, but I saw they keep the discount all the time. How do they make the money? I don’t know yet. But I guess is volume. I know great project management instructors who sold over 10k classes. I let you do the math. That’s another way to assess the instructor and the value of the class – the number of reviews and the price of the class.
         5. You can always find some discounts. One is here.
    6. You can also can get into selling online courses as an instructor or you can license online courses. Here is an example of PLR courses you can license.
  2. Udemy instructors
    Another thing I do is, if I’m impressed by the info from the class, I go in the instructor library to see what other classes he/she has and even researching on internet. I got several of valuable connections like this.
  3. Youtube
    Incredible as it could sound, there are a huge amount of free youtube videos with great information and knowledge. While there are a lot of business coaches selling you for thousands and thousands of dollars amazing motivational programs, on Youtube (or Udemy) you might find far higher qualitative videos. To give you a specific example: LinkedIn Sales Funnels. This is narrow niche few people master and some sell it as coaching packages. While it is great and I’m sold by that, I researched Youtube and guess what? Just by applying the recommendations LinkedIn themselves give in their conferences, you already gain a lot! Before investing more, I would say: apply the free knowledge.
  4. Amazon
    They have such a big variety of books and so many reviews that you can get almost anything with a fairly good price. The challenge with the books is how up to date they are. However this is something you can check in the reviews.

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