Travel More. Live as There is Tomorrow

Travel Now. Do it more now! Live now.  Do what you want now. Sometimes we live today for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow we live for a better tomorrow and so on. But what’s this better tomorrow?

When will this better tomorrow come?

We usually say: I would like to do that. I would like to travel more. Or, I would like to travel to Japan, South America, see the Northern Lights, but now I can’t. I just got another job, or I need a better job, more money, I need that or that. But in the future I will. I will definetely!

Then the time passes by and we are in the same: now is not yet the moment. But when is it?

When we get old? When we can’t move physically?

Travel today! Live today! Don’t live for a tomorrow which may come or may not.

Go travel today and share your story tomorrow!

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