Northern Lights or When the Nature Blows Your Mind

They say that you shouldn’t go to northern lands with the expectations of seeing the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, but com’on let’s be honest! We all go there to see them. And we should see them ones in our lives. They are just one of the most magical thing you could see.

Then imagine you are there with your camera, ready for the hunt, ISO set, aperture set,  timer set, the sky looks amazing, the lights are nice, moving smooth, so you can get great shots. All great, you are enjoying you time and take your time to enjoy the lights. Amazing moment.

Out of a sudden, you turn your back and is when the real magic starts! The lights are all over the sky. You turn your head, you get dizzy, you lose your balance of looking after them on the sky. They are green, slidely blue, purple… You are there, staring everywhere, not knowing where else to look to catch them all in a view, take your camera, try to catch them, and… Now somebody up there blows the lights like wind does with the sand.. the lights change their colours, their shape, they get together, they gather, they get stronger, they change, and the Celestial wind blows from a different direction: new shape, colours change, more intense, different shape again and you don’t know where else to looks, they are there, but they are blown away and… they leave…

You are left alone with an empty sky, nothing on your camera because everything was just too fast. You continue to stare at the sky. You are just blocked, shocked, you just saw one of the most amazing nature wonders.

Travel More to hunt the Northern Lights, is definetely one of the greatest experiences you could have in life.

Sone motivational images from Lofoten Islands, Norway.


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