If You Think You’re Not Important, Take a Plane

We all have our down moments. If you are a traveller, here is an innovative way to increase your self esteem: book a plane and be late for the boarding, or just stand by the gate and drink peacefully your coffee. See that all the other passengers boarded, but continue to drink peacefully your coffee. And out of the sudden, all the music from the airport stops and Mr/Mrs Smith! please come to the gate number 7! Mr/Mrs Smith! please proceed immediately to the gate number 7!

You finish your coffee and go at the bar to pay it with your credit card of course.

The bar tender will look at it and at you: Are you Mr/Mrs Smith?! Wow!! What a coincidence! I think they are looking for you! Don’t worry for paying for the coffee, go to the gate and have a safe flight!

At the gate: Are you Mr/Mrs Smith? We were waiting for you! Please allow me to escort you to the plane.

In the plane: Are you Mr/Mrs Smith?

With a big smile: welcome onboard! You can have this seat with extra leg room. Have a wonderful flight!

During the flight: Mr/Mrs Smith, what would you like to drink today? We have a special wine collection so you can celebrate your flight!

During the flight – other passengers: So, you are the famous Mr/Mrs Smith? How are you doing?

And there you are: new friends!

When leaving the aircraft, the pilot: Mr/Mrs Smith Thank you for traveling with us! Have a great time home!


  • don’t push your luck too far because you may end up missing your flight;
  • if you have check-in luggage, the airline will call you more times since they have to remove your luggage if you don’t show up;
  • stay near the gate because some airports or some airlines will call you only at the gate, not at the entire airport area.

Enjoy traveling and a runway picture.

Travel More Live - Plane on the Runaway picture

Closed Runway – take the open one and enjoy traveling more!

Note: This story is real and was lived by the one who suggested me to write it in an airport in Miami, US.

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