Going Back to the City After Living in a Surfing Camp

I love big cities, but I also love to live in village inside the city with everything in it. I think Miraflores neighbourhood from Lima, Peru was that kind of city in the city I’m happy to live in: a long and green coast to run, down the cliff the ocean to surf, the bars and restaurant all over the place.

After a month of living by the ocean (outside Peniche, Portugal), when the only people I saw were the other surfers from the surf camp and the surf camp staff;

After a month of being so isolated that you have to walk 20 min to go to the closest bar to have a coffee;

After a month in which the only places I’ve been were the ocean and the supermarket.

I left the surf camp…

I feel like a stranger in big cities. I can’t process it. Why do I have to take a bus to get to the hostel from the bus terminal?! Can’t I just walk?

Can’t you guys pick me up?!

Now I have to find a restaurant to eat, take buses, find out the bus station, look for the accommodation place, take a bus to my hostel.

Woah! I don’t like it. Why do we need to make so many things we don’t like or want, just to live?

Below an image with John John Florence –2016 World Surf League Men’s Champion.

John John Florence on his way to the title – Supertubos Beach, Peniche, Portugal

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