I Have a Dream: Quit my Job and Go Travel!

I can’t stop thinking about it, every day, every morning when I wake up to go to work, almost every moment of my life. It is what makes me study, run, smile, love life and work hard every single day. I’m like a drug addicted who lives to get her next doses – I live to travel, but with a loooooong life.  I already scheduled my trips for the next 2-3 years and I have plans to travel till I will be an old grandma’.


A year ago I said I travelled enough for the moment and it’s time to settle for a while. I truly though I can stop any time. I can manage it, I said to myself. But here I am, spending the 2nd weekend in Bucharest after 3 months.  How do I feel? Fidgety!

It’s time to face the reality and admit! I’m addicted. I can’t handle it anymore. Do I need help? No, thank you, I’m fine with my current doses of trips. Till when? I don’t know, but I know one day, I’ll quit my job, get a one-way ticket to somewhere (most probably Latin America) without no plan, live the moment and with no final destination or date defined.

I have a dream: quite my job and go travel with no plans!

This post has been originally posted on my personal blog on 23rd Oct 2011. In Aug 2015 I quit my job and I left to travel to Latin America with one-way ticket and no planes as I dreamt about it.

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