How I moved to Lima, Peru?

You traveled in a place, you felt in a love of it and then you thought: how would it be if I move here? How would be my life living here?

I had several places in the world with which I felt in love and I always had this weird dream of being left in an airport with just the backpack I have on and being told: this is the only things you’ve got. Now you have to start a new life here. Make your best.

I was living my dream of traveling around Latin America when I felt in love with Lima, Peru. I was walking on the streets of Lima and I was telling to my friends: how would it be if I live here?! Would I ever be able to get a job? Would somebody pay me a good enough salary to live in Lima with all comfort I have back home?

Let’s go to check it out!

After 7 months of traveling with the worst clothes I had in the wardrobe, they were all stain, torn, unbearable I would say. I took my flight back to Lima from US and few days before, I stopped by an outlet, got some essentials that I needed, in an empty parking lot I sorted out what cloth I give away and I packed the new ones and this was it! I was ready for a new life in Lima!

That’s it? This is how you start a new life? That easy?! That simple?! That moment was as depressing as extraordinary and motivating it may sound to you. But there was no room of backing down now.

Ones in Lima I looked for a flat, start making expat friends, meeting locals and get into a routine.

Now it comes the other side of the story. As a tourist Lima looked wonderful, Peru seemed one of my favorite places on this planet. It continue to be, but now I have a more realistic view on it. I still like Peru. Go visit it! The landscapes it has are heartbreaking, the waves are there all year around. The food will soon become world-famous. There is no other country as Peru. But now, after living almost 4 months in Peru and traveling some other 3, I’m happy to have lived my Lima dream and I know that it’s not the place I want to settle for now.

The reasons are obvious and I knew them before moving there, but I though they’ll not bother me that much: traffic, pollution, etc.

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