Travel More – a Way to Return Home After a Round the World Trip

Round the world, or not, returning home after you’ve done extensive travel is definetely not as easy as it may sound.

It’s pretty self explanatory: after getting used to have a new adventure every day, seeing new people, exploring new places as a daily normality, you can’t stop as nothing from a day to another and go back to stationary life, with a steady routine. Is like being at a marathon, crossing the finish line and stop  suddenly. This is not physically possible. You heart starts beating even faster, your breath is cut and you feel you have to move. Of course you are happy you’ve done it, you are excited to have crossed the finish line, but you need to run some few more meters / feet to cool down.

Is the same as traveling. When you crossed the finish line and you are back home you still have the urge to travel, and I would say: DO IT! Go travel again.

I hear quite often that you’ve traveled enough, you made your dream true, now you should settle down.

If you don’t feel like staying after a long trip, don’t stay! Open the map and look on what you would like to do, where you would like to go. Book your ticket and go. Don’t worry, you’ll be back home. Nobody travels for ever.

Go travel for a bit, come back, go again, come back, go with your friends in short trips, make new friends and travel together, come back home.

This process may take years, but at a certain point you’ll get a job, eventually, and little by little your urge to hit the road will fade off. But it’ll fade off because you feel like that, not because you have to stop your feelings.

After a long trip, GO Travel More! You’ll find your way home. Wherever your heart feels is home.

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