How to Deal with Post Trip Blues: Plan Your Next Trip

You feel inspired, working doesn’t seem to be the motivation to wake up in the morning.

You just close your eyes and you imagine your next trip and want to have it now!

You are curious to know about the new trip place you have in mind: what to do, when to go, costs, who’s been there? How was it?

Is crystal clear: you just came back from a trip!

And this is the perfect moment to book your next trip. As odd as it may sound, if you love traveling, there is no better time to plan your trip than when you just return. Then is when your motivation level is high, you feel inspired and with your mind rested. As time passes, and you get back to your daily routine, you get into a comfort zone, the enthusiasm fades off and the next trip may be postponed longer than you would want.

So, don’t think twice and don’t feel guilty about it.

Book it! Even if it sounds too early, book it! get an idea about what you’d like to do and book what you want to. Not everything of course. Leave some details for later.

You may not even have realised but your post-travel blues is gone.

Feel free to share your thought about your next trip dreams and your post-travel depression.


Puerto Rico

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