Beautiful Roads – Transfagarasan, Romania, Best Driving Road in the World

Transfagarasan, Romania, declared by Top Gear, greatest driving road in the world, doesn’t need any further presentation, maybe some more details:

  • Transfagarasan highway name comes from Trans – which mean across and Fagaras – the name of the mountain which is crossed by the road. The road connects Wallachia and Transilvania and it measures 90 km.
  • Built during the communism regime (1970-1974), the road is called also Ceaușescu’s Folly, because it was built as an easy access in case of a possible Soviet Army invasion and its construction took many life tolls.

When to go:

  • The road is open from June to September – summer time. Due to the high altitude and weather conditions the road closes over the winter,
  • The weather changes from a minute to the other, but there are also sunny days and rainy days. Is better to check the weather before going because it is rainy and cloudy you miss all the charm of the place. And always leave early – there are more chances to have a nice sunny time at 7 AM than at 3 PM, but of course, check the weather forecast.

How to get there:

  • The official road name is DN 7C and the GPS will take you on it, but most probably will not help you to cross the mountains, just because the road is open only few months a year.
  • When you get close to the road, you’ll see signs indicating Transgafarasan, just follow them, there is no were else to get lost.

Things to consider:

  • The beauty of the road is on both sides of the peak,
  • Weather changes fast and is advisable to be prepared,
  • Get sunscreen, the sun rays are stronger in high altitudes,
  • On the summit there is are 2 chalets with restaurants where you can have a meal or even spend the night.

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