Beautiful Roads – Transalpina, Romania’s Highest Highway

At about 2145 m above the sea level lies Romania’s highest road – Transalpina. It has 148 km and its official name of Transalpina road is DN67C and is located from Novaci(South) to Sebes(North). This road used to be used by the shepherds who were taking the sheep up in the mountains over the summer and in the ’30 the king Carol II made a stone road which was called “The Road of the King”.

Transalpina Road Romania

Transalpina, Romania

In World War II, the Germans troops discovered the road and use it as a strategic point to get in and out of Transylvania. During the communism regime, Ceausescu had built another road (Transfagarasan) to surpass Transalpina.

And is only in 2013 that the strategic Road of the Kind is being  asphalted and opened for touristic purposes.

The most spectacular part of the entire road is just before arriving in Ranca village coming from Sebes.

When do go:

  • only in summer time (June – maybe September)
  • early morning as in the afternoon gets cloudy

How to go there:

  • the best is with a private car, just follow the signs saying Transalpina or the road DN67C on your GPS.

Things to consider:

  • at this altitude weather changes very fast, so go prepared
  • Transalpina is over a big mountain plateau and it is very windy
  • even in summer time, the temperature will (almost) never rise above 20 C


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