The Fiber Optic, Romania’s Biggest Attraction

Romania, a country in Eastern Europe about which some people wonder if we ever saw TV, or how come we don’t have houses to live in.

Romania, a country yet in its way to the developed western world and which the developed countries may say it’s very poor.

Romania, a country which in the last years has good lots of tourists who see it with different eyes because it is now so far from the country it was 20 years ago.

Romania is also famous for its IT specialists and the Fiber Optic.

Romania is in top 10 countries with best internet in the world.

How is that possible? How is it possible that a country which has been unable to build proper highways across the country to have such a big cybernetic highway?

What put Romania so high in the digital world?

I think the need, the history; I don’t really know why this happened, but I’ll tell you how come Romania has got such a good internet infrastructure.

Due to the political conditions Romanians were used to make their way in life, to find a way to earn their daily bread and butter to call it like this. The communism regime falls at the end of ’89 and this opens Romania to the world. We have a young generation which is curious to know more about technology and what they learn at school. The internet becomes available for people in late ‘90s, but the price is not really affordable, so the IT guys (students at Computer Science Faculty) get an ADSL internet contract and then share the internet with the entire neighbourhood. They connected all the windows with cables and suddenly the entire community moved from meeting outside to meeting online and sharing movies, games, and so on.


Basically everybody had the access to the internet guy any time – was your friend from the building in front with whom you played when you are younger. Any problem was just one call away and it was resolved.

This lasted for years. And now imagine the multinational internet providers trying to penetrate the market. How can you beat a quit decent internet connection, 24/7 of excellent service, friendship and community?

They had to make it far faster, and far cheaper, but then what is their gain? Maybe Romania wasn’t the most profitable Internet investment, but they had to do it. Since there was no real internet infrastructure and their investment needed to be very cost efficient, they put the plastic (the fiber optic) which was cheaper and faster.

Then they made a good deal with the IT guys and bought the neighbourhood networks with the promise of far better speed and less costs.

This is how Romania has today such a great internet speed everywhere.

Test of Internet Speed in Bucharest

Test of Internet Speed in Bucharest

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