Travel to Run a Marathon

Quitting your job to go travel. Why should I do that? You hipsters believe the entire world should get crazy just because you had a life revelation! I’m happy with my job, with my life, I don’t see myself a slave in a the system I must break. You hipsters should better get a proper life from which you’ll not need to escape.

I couldn’t agree more with this. Even I encourage people to travel more and more, even I have TravelMore.Live to inspire people to travel more, I believe traveling extensively is not for everybody, but traveling can have many shapes and forms.

For examples, what about traveling to run a marathon. It can be half marathon, a trail marathon, even a race or anything else you would be interested in.

When can you travel?

Most of the marathons are either during March-May or September – October, however if you are into running or sports events, you know best the timings, and depending on your schedule, preferences, time availability, budget and other personal factors you can select when is best for you to join a sport event.

For me personally is the spring time in the northern hemisphere because I’m not an indoor running person and I can train when is a bit cooler outside – beginning of spring, but I can’t do it in summer time due to the heat, so running an autumn marathon is not a real option for me.

How to find your next marathon location?

There are many ways you can do it – either you have a favourite location you would like to run, or maybe a certain date, or a certain type of experience you’d like to have.

Favorite location:

If you want to run in a certain location, then just search online for… Marathons in the location you are interested in. Eg: Marathons in Chicago. Usually you’ll get a list of all the marathons and races available on that location. Pick the one is most suitable for you, register, and go for it!

Fixed date you can run:

When I run at Chicagoland marathon, I could make it to a certain date, actually I had 2 weeks flexibility on dates because I wanted to stay as long as possible in Peru, but on the other hand not overstay my visa. There was a marathon in Lima as well, but it didn’t look that appealing to me, so I checked for marathons in US, as I knew I’ll fly back to Europe over US.

I found like 2-3 marathons for each one of the 2 available dates I had and I went for the Chicago, just because the city itself was more appealing to me, and I found a good flight deal to Europe.

Looking for a certain Experience:

This can be really up to you. There are people who like to run in cities, others to run in the mountains or by the beach, you close your eyes and dream about it, then search the location on internet and go for it, go make your running dream reality.

Some things to consider when traveling for the marathon:

  • your routine is exactly the same as any other marathon run at home, it may need some extra arrangements – accommodation, food supplies, etc
  • check well where is the marathon venue and if there are any special requirements, timings, country specific regulations (e.g. visas)
  • go pickup your kit with ahead of time, so you have enough time for anything could happen
  • use the trip to make some friends, celebrate your accomplishment and your trip.
Running in Chicagoland Marathon May, 2016

Running in Chicagoland Marathon May, 2016

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