How Does a Day in a Backpacker Life Looks Like?

You wake up whenever you want, no alarms, no schedule, no constraints. Life is free is free you are. You have a coffee, some breakfast which is actually lunch, which leads to a beer and then have a walk in the city or just hit the ocean to refresh. Sun is setting, what a wonderful image! Time to have another beer, some dinner and party till the morning.

And this is the life of a globetrotter for ever. No stress, no schedule, no commitment, unlimited money.

Dear Globetrotters! Admit it! Which bank did you rob before leaving to travel? And what did you smoke in order to have such a no goal traveling life?

I spent 4 years of my life abroad traveling and living. I lost the count of the wonderful people I met and the inspiring stories I heard. Can’t remember even one globetrotter with no vision for his/her trip.

Let’s bust the myths and check inside a backpackers day.


Let’s take a random location, a random day. Aug 30th, the day I came back to Cuzco after Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu.

10 PM I get back to the hostel after 5 days of hike. I need a shower, I need to rest, but there is not time for that. At 10:30 PM I have to pick up my bus to Puno. i pick up my big backpack from the hostel, the travel agent helps me get a taxi, but forgets to return me the deposit. I remember it a bit afterwards in the taxi. What do I do? Do I go back to ask for it? I don’t have a phone to call, and if I return I’ll miss my bus. That’s it, we’ll sort it out later.

Is a nice bus, I have a good seat, blankets, pillow. This is going to be a good night sleep! After few hours sleep and 4 nights in open sky, I was having an warm and well retracting bus chair. I slept like a baby. At 5AM I reach Puno. 1 km higher some few degrees below zero. I manage to negotiate a decent accommodation for the night before going to Titicaca Lake.

I come back in the evening, I kindly ask them to make a phone call because their partner agency with whom I booked the tour in Cusco forgot to return me a deposit. They send me to a “cabina telefonica” – phone booth, because it too expensive for them to let me call. Or they were just not the nicest persons in the world. Then let’s go to the accommodation I said, but suddenly the cost was more and no more breakfast, and the attitude: “if you don’t like it go look for something else – this is your deposit.”

Oh brilliant. I have 6 nights without a decent sleep, 5 days of hiking, one night in a bus and one more day of Titicaca tour as your client, it’s late night, and next day at 5:30 AM I have a bus to cross to Bolivia and I’m sent in the middle of the night, to look for accommodation with a big backpack in a city which doesn’t look friendly at all, all my myself, after you just got paid your salary from my money? Brilliant, how convenient! No way! With an excellent command of Spanish and knowing my rights, didn’t leave them any alternative than to take me to the accommodation I booked in the morning.

No heaters, but a decent pile of blankets and somehow hot water. Later someone knocks at my door to return me the deposit from Cusco and apologize for it. The kind reception man offered to make me breakfast at 4:30 AM and join me for a nice morning talk.

I left to Bolivia next morning, 5 AM, with no idea where I’m going to sleep that day, but was enough early to have the time to cross the border, have a tea, eat something, find internet and figure out a shelter for the night.

This is just a normal day in a life of a backpacker: night buses, sleeping bags, morning busses over borders, occasional rips off, new friends and kind people everywhere. You’ve got to take it all.

How does a day in your backpacker life look like?

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