With the World at My Feet: 5 Myths and Their Reality

Number 1:
Myth: Everybody can travel any time
Reality: Everybody can travel any time if they can pay the price of traveling.
Traveling has got a high price of time, energy, money, stress and many more. As long as you are willing to pay the traveling toll, you can travel, if not, there are many other hobbies and things to enjoy in life.

Number 2:
Myth: Traveling is expensive
Reality: Traveling is as expensive as you want it to be.
Traveling doesn’t mean 5 starts hotels, cristal clear waters or white sand beaches, with you in a yacht enjoying an expensive cocktail. It can also mean sleeping in a tent, couchsurfing, volunteering for a shelter and food. It’s up to you the type of trip you want to go for.

Number 3:
Myths: Knowing English is enough to travel the world.
Reality: English will definitely get you along everywhere, but speaking the local language will be the one which will make your experience unforgettable.
Knowing hindi will make you know how respectful people talk to each other, or knowing Spanish will get you see a play while in Madrid or the locals to share with you the secrets of a great beef steak while in Argentina.

Number 4:
Myth: You’ll always find a job when you are back.
Reality: You’ll always find a job when you are back from traveling or while traveling as long as you are willing to work your ass off.
Travel will definitely make you a better person and it’s not synonym with jeopardizing your life, but don’t imagine that you’ll have the employees fighting to get you a job when you decide to settle, you’ll have to work hard to convince them you are willing to commit and  stay.

Number 5:
Myth: I can travel for ever. I’ll get a job to make money and hit the road again.
Reality: I traveled as much as I could, but living a life on the road may not be a long term option for myself.
Sooner or later, we all long term travelers, will anchor on safe shores. We’ll continue exploring the world, but will be back to the safe harbour.


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