The Untold Truths About Cuba

Cuba, you should go to Cuba before the Americans come, because they will ruin everything. Cuba is amazing! There is no Coca Cola, no Starbucks.

I did it myself. I went to see how is the real Cuba, the fascinated one, the one which is in the bucket list of any traveler. I spent a month in Cuba, exploring almost every corner of the island. I did almost everything one can do while there.

After all these I must confess: Cuba is a tough country trapped in an out of date reality. Cuba is unfair to the new generation. Don’t go to Cuba!


A piece of Cuban Live Museum of Cars

You go to Cuba to see the oldest live car museum in the world. When you see all those old cars it feels so amazing! You want to drive them! You don’t mind paying for it, is a great experience. Is like you are back in time. In my first days there I felt I just found the country I want to retire. But when I discovered the reality of those cars, I didn’t want to get into one any more: the government says it’s nice and unique in the world that Cuba has this old car museum on the streets. So any engine shouldn’t be newer than the revolution year – 1959. But these cars are polluting so much, they consume more gasoline than anything else, and far from being a mean of daily transportation for the 21st century.

No technology development, no progress, a high veneration of the revolution generation.


The Cuban White Sands and Blue Waters – View from the Plane

You go to Cuba to see the gorgeous beaches and incredible blue waters. All along the coast of Cuba they built resorts for the foreign tourists.  You go and you love it. Then you see that the service quality is far from what you pay and you wonder what is going on? Everything is state owned and made for you, dear foreigner. The Cubans couldn’t go there. It was prohibited for them. Nowadays, very few people can enjoy the paradise. Now think about the most beautiful place of your country. How would you feel if those places were prohibited to you?


Cuba and its Wild Nature

You go to Cuba to discover untouched places. Cuba is yet to be an explored country. So many virgin places – virgin coral “wild forests” under the water, blue waters, virgin beaches, yet undiscovered wild nature. You go all along the island and there is so much to see and to explore. And how do you travel? Via taxi or viazul. But what about the Cuban public transportation? Where is it? How does it look like? It’s generically referred as the “guaguas” and is made out of an old trunk with metal benches (not chairs) and where they fit +100 people in 10 square meters of trunk. Now ask the Cubans about their country? They have no idea, because they can’t travel. They are blocked in the place they are in. Cuba is not meant for the Cubans to enjoy it.


Inside the Guaguas – Cuban “Public Transportation”

You go to Cuba for the festive atmosphere and the rich culture. But how do you discover that? Going to the touristic places, expensive, where everything was made for you, the foreigner. If you go to Cuba, get along the simple people who don’t work to/with/for foreigners. Live with them, celebrate with them. But you can’t because is illegal to host a foreigner with government authorisation.

Cuba is not an exhibition, where you should go to see how is to live a simple life, old cars, ecological food, deficiencies, no Coca Cola, no McDonald’s. Cuba is a country of 11 million Cuban people. Cuba a country with youngsters who have dreams like you and me. They dream to discover the world, to explore that is out there beyond the white sands and blue waters. But they are trapped in a history bubble which tells them how great were the 2 generations before them 60 years ago. But what about them? What about today?

As tough of it may sound, you actually go to Cuba to see how the people look like when they earn 12 USD per month, and what a closed regime stocked in history 60 years ago made out of a nation. But even if you want to admit it or not, you don’t have the strength to digest all this reality and the regime will not let you see the reality, so you’ll end up seeing a Cuban painting made specially for you – the foreigner.

Dear Cubans, I wish you with all my heart that your country will not pass through what Romania passed in the ’90s and Cuba will change gradually, and not from one day to another. I wish you to have the time to assimilate the new and make the best out of it.

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