Why to Waste Life in Traffic When You Can Spend It In the Ocean?

When are you done with your job? There is nothing else the medicine can do for you. Is stress.
You have to quit your job!
My Dermatologist Doctor


Surfing the Pacific Ocean on the left, traffic on the right. Your choice.


How much time do you spend in traffic?

Before my last long trip to Latin America, I use to spend about 1.5-2 hours in traffic and I was fine with it. I thought it’s actually pretty good use of the time: 15 min walk, 15-20 in the metro, 10 min walk. Half an hour daily of walking is good for the health right? You use it to disconnect from the day and then get into your professional life or private life at the end of the day.

If it’ll always work like this will be amazing you may say. 9-5 is actually 8 to 8 or 9 PM, and to be continued at home or.. you have it in your hand long after.

And this we call it: Successful Professional.

Definetely! I was one of them! This is how you get a salary raise, an international award, a successful career and many more.

The normality is to stress, the normality is to suffer, to get tired just by the traffic. This is how it suppose to be. This is what it means to be successful. Then after 40-50 years old, just take all the great money you earn and.. guess what? Try to find a cure for the illnesses you got due to stress. And all without wondering about the overgrowing the pharmaceutical industry.

Myself, a real example of this: I tried to cure an acne for years. After a long term treatment my doctor start telling me every single month: Anca, when are you done with your job.?Anca, there is nothing else the medicine can do for you. Is stress. You have to quit your job.

When I told her I’m leaving to travel to Latin America with no return ticket, she told me: this is the best decision you could ever take! I wish you a wonderful life! I know you’ll not need to visit me ever again.

Now, what about closing the lid of the laptop, take your swimming suit, (or wet suit), the surf board and go barefoot to the ocean?

15 min walk, 1 hour of surfing, then 15 min walk and a great shower. Open the lid of the laptop, you are back to work.

What about starting the day like this? Or ending it with this view?

This is for rich people!
This is for you the gypsies who get anywhere in life!
What will you retire from?

From working the time I use to waste in traffic. I spent 10 months traveling and living in Latin America. I had a thousands euros worth mental therapy to get to this. I thought will be cheaper to do while in my 20’s than on my 50’s.

What about you?

How long do you spend in traffic?

Are you using the stress to work on your dreams?

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