Well Traveled People and Their No Return to Big Corporations

After a sabbatical period, the relationship between the well traveled employee and the big corporations changes  from: Yes, I promise I want to grow together with you and I trust we can achieve big things together into I think we could still be friends.


How does the ideal candidate looks like in a multinational company?

  • Great communication skills,
  • Able to adjust to changes,
  • Striving for excellence attitude,
  • Fast learner,
  • Team player,
  • Problem solver who doesn’t give up,
  • Adaptable,
  • Excellent relationship builder,
  • Self motivated,
  • Asks questions,
  • Desire to grow.

How does a well traveled person look like?

The same.

Traveling for a long time gives you all the skills above and many more:

There is no better hiring test to pass in your life than being in a tiny city in China and in more than one hour nobody is able to understand your question of how to get to the airport, but you must find a solution to catch your plane. That’s a great creativity, communication and adaptability test.

Or you are in Bolivia, your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, no coverage for the phone signal, it’s getting dark, you are cold and hungry, but together with the others must fix the car and move ahead.

These were just to name a few of the real life tests and training of a traveler.

Sounds like any well traveled person could get a well paid, great job in any big corporations, isn’t it? This life! How unfair, these guys have been rolling the world, on vacation for such a long time and now they come and take our jobs?!

When returning from a long trip, a traveler may be more inspired of working on personal ideas or things he/she learnt during the trip or just on an old dream and will have the strengths to invest their passion in projects which will make a change around them.

Me, Anca, with an experience of about 10 years in multinationals, working in different places around the globe, with an education worth a billionaire fortune, won some important international prizes, great achievements, with passions, with dreams. If you would have asked me a year ago about my career path – I’ll tell you: I traveled the world, I know what I want! I dream to work in tourism one day; but in the meanwhile I’ll always work in multinationals, this is me, a big corporation professional! Can’t imagine counting the pennies of a startup.

One year later, after 5 months of hiking the Andes, 2 months of sun, sand and Caribbean Sea and some 3 of surfing the Pacific, I tell you with no regrets:  I’m done with big corporations, wasting time in politics. I’m done with spending hours in traffic or working on a schedule of 12 hours a day putting on hold old ideas I have.

After spending a long time wandering the world, a traveler has the courage to work more on their dreams and use their energy in smaller things with a bigger impact. Sabbatical time makes one turn the page and see the world different. Like working outside big corporations.

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