Travel the World to Meet the Most Important Person: You!

We travel for vacation.
We travel to check points.
We travel to extend our knowledge area.

and I believe strongly that we travel because the modern and developed world tells us we have to travel, so we do it to fit in the trends, in the society.


Dinner with Myself in Helsinki, Finland

Few people take their backpack and start globetrotting, some people travel because is not well seen to spend your vacation at home and many because the world demands you to have travel knowledge. Is like going to school.

I did it myself. Growing up in a country which was recently escaping from the communist suppression, when living was the only luxury you can afford in workers families, traveling was seen rather as a misuse of money. So, when times start changing, I did my first trip to Western Europe to get along everybody in the society – I was starting becoming one of the few who hasn’t been yet in Western Europe. So I said, “let’s see what’s going on out there”.

Independent of Romania and Eastern Europe, in my travels around the world, I saw that people who travel are seen as cool, outgoing, people who are able to  quit their comfort zone and achieve big dreams examples to follow, a role model. Which is true to some extend. But they are just one of the many others who have a passion and go live it.

This society is not only about traveling and travelers.

I love traveling! I really do! I want people to just take their backpacks and go discover the world.

BUT, I know this is just my passion. As I have friends who love the mountains so much that they can spend their entire life there or the sea.

When traveling is easy.
When everybody knows how much traveling makes a better you.
When the society tells you to travel.
I say: Go travel! Go see the world! Go discover what is this world about!


Take the time, listen the birds, see the flowers, meet the people, listen to their stories, tell your story, be the their story of the day. Take you bike, breath the nature, get inspired by the cities or anything you like.

Stop for a moment in following the itinerary, the checklist and drink a coffee with yourself. Breath! Close the eyes and be with you.

How is to meet you in another place in this planet?
How is to be somewhere else with yourself?
How is it to listen to yourself while having dinner?

What would you say to yourself?

Go Travel More the world to meet yourself!

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