You Are Lucky to Can Travel

Yes I am!

“Leave the house! Go Travel! You’ll have your entire life to buy nice furniture and keep your house tidy, but you have only few years to build yourself as a person.”
My Mom

You Are Lucky to Can Travel

Go Travel – advice of my Mom

I am lucky to have a mother who taught me that the most important in life what is one as a person, not how wonderful your house looks like. I’m lucky to have been told that clothes, house, furniture, a car can be purchased from the “market” any time, but the experiences one lives, the things one learns, the people one meets and the opportunities one has are ones in a life chance and one has to pursue them.

I was lucky to never can afford having new and nice cloths in my entire childhood. I’m lucky to not had the money to have a TV till the age of 10 or a computer till the age of 16. But there were always money to travel. In Romania only, but is already a big achievement to can say at the age of 20 that you visited very well your country and you are ready to explore the world.

I was lucky to not come from a wealthy family who bought and owned things. Nowadays I’m not attached to material things, I’m a free person, who can travel the world, enjoy a peaceful coffee with a friend anywhere.

I was lucky to be too poor to ever can afford owning anything. I’m not keen to get to my house because I never had one. This makes me feel as home in any of my friend’s place. And this may be one of the biggest compliments you can make to your friends: feel welcomed in their homes!

I’m not more willing to go in my car rather than public transportation because I never had one. That saved me lots of  money and return me many experiences.

I was lucky to be encouraged to travel and earn experiences instead of owning things.

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