Pampas Tour, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, by Boat, Going Deep into the Amazonian Jungle

If you want to see animals, Bolivia is definitely the place for you. The country itself has many options to give you and one of them is Pampas Tour.


On the Pampas tour by boat from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Start location: Rurrenabaque, or Rurre, north of Bolivia

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

How to get there: FLY! it is about 100-300 USD to fly from La Paz and about 12 to 24 nightmare hours drive for 10 USD. All prices are for return trip. Here some insights about the a part of the road which connects La Paz to Rurrenabaque. Death Road – Bolivia, a Strong Recommendation for Adventure Lovers

How to get the tour: There are plenty of agencies offering the tour. I think the most important in general in Latin America is to buy the tour from the ones who really do the tour, not from the ones who sell it only. But in general they are all great – plenty of food, the animals are there, the sunset and sunrise is amazing.

What to get? MOSQUITO REPELLENTS and sunscreen. All the others are manageable – extra batteries,  you have a limited time to charge your electronics in the evenings and early mornings; swimming suit – you’ll have the honor to swim with the dolphins.

What are you going to see? Lots of animals: caymans, like 3-4 species of monkeys, water turtles, birds, etc. You’ll go to fish piranhas which are going to be your dinner for the 2nd evening. You may see anacondas, but only if you are in your extremely lucky day. You’ll swim with the pink dolphins in the 3rd day. You don’t have to fear the caymans, they don’t get into deep waters, and dolphins are only in deep waters, so you’ll be save.

A tip: don’t leave your go pro floating on the river because the pink dolphins will not miss the chance to play with it and… you’ll have to be very creative to get your go pro back from a dolphin mouth.

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