Socializing or Enjoying the Day in the City you Travel?

The night or the morning? First of all this is a personal question, isn’t it? There are people who are morning birds and people who are night owls. But it happens that while traveling, the nigh owls may turn to be morning birds and the other way around, or you want to do both: wake up early to enjoy the place you’re in, but staying up till late night to take advantage of the great social life the place has. This category of travellers are called supermen. ha.

It’s evening in Rome, and you love it. You would like to just enjoy a nice time on the terrace but tomorrow morning you better arrive early at Vatican or you’ll queue up for every single picture you want to take.

Or you may have been on the road for a while and when you travel for longer and every day is weekend or there is no weekend. Today is with somebody, tomorrow with somebody else, the day after just because you feel like and without even noticing, you’ve been drinking every single day for the last month without doing anything else and without discovering the place you are in.

All great you may say, this is the dream life or a dream vacation. Of course it is, as long as you don’t feel guilty, it’s perfect. As long as you are fine to live your entire travels waking up late, wasted, waiting for the sun to set so you get your energy back. But most of the situations, this may be a great thing to do some days, ones in a while, but after a certain time, either you are one of the vacation only travellers who go home and get back to the real life or you are one of the well traveled person, who are on the road for more than drinking everyday.

And what do you do when you get to the moment when your friends or those around you invite you for a drink, but you really feel like sick, with headache, and a lot of other excuses, so you enjoy your good night sleep, wake up early, have breakfast and you are energised to go explore the site you are in? Is this the moment when you have to become antisocial and boring? Is there a way to find a middle way?

It turns to the point that you’ll love to have a very nice talk to a friend, but you don’t want to drink so much. You can either excuse yourself nicely, or tell your friends about the new socialising trends – no alcohol and leave the bar by midnight latest.

In US it started some time ago as a great trend to have interesting and innovative drinks without alcohol. I tried it myself several times and as incredible it may sound, we ended up spending more and staying more at a place without alcohol than with the alcohol.

Some pro’s for the alcohol? The only plus I can think about is the conversation kick-off. Definitely the alcohol helps to start a conversation, especially for shy people. But com’on, let’s be honest, if you are a traveler drinking non-alcoholic cocktails, you are already the protagonist of a funny story to tell.

After wasting lots of mornings myself because too much alcohol the night before, or because of staying up too late, I’ll proudly share a glass of non-alcoholic cocktail with a travel buddy.

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