The Two Ways to Ensure You Have a Job After a Round the World Trip

If you’ll have the certainty you’ll get a job after your trip will you go travel the world?
You have 2 ways to ensure you’ll get a job when you return from your long term trip:

1. Taking a sabbatical year from work
This is an option for most of the European countries. In most of the western European countries this is an option stipulated into the employment law, but in some other countries may just be sustained by the contract between the company and the unions or just a common understanding between you and your employer.
Most of the employers will not pay you anything during your sabbatical year, but some may pay you 50-75% of you salary.

In any of the situations, taking a sabbatical year can be done only by mean meeting certain expectations: you must have certain number of years in the working field, a certain amount of time with your employer, etc.
When consider leaving on a long term trip, read well the employment law, your labor contract so you know exactly which are your options.

If you decide to take a sabbatical year and your employer agrees with it, you’ll have to sign a contract or an addendum to your working contract. In this addendum you commit to return to work for your actual employer at a certain fixed date, may include that you’re not allowed to be employed by any other company during the sabbatical year and your current employer commits to receive you back on the same position when you are back and can hire somebody only for a limited period of time when you are on your sabbatical year.

2. Build your self confidence that you are enough well prepared in life both professionally and personally to be able to find a job when you’re back.
This may be the most difficult option, especially if you had been working in the same job for a long time and you are in our comfort zone.

You know you want to go travel, but in the same time you can’t ignore completely the voice roaming around in your head: what are you doing? how can you leave this life? how are you going to get all these back? are you sure you’re not ruining your life? it may be that you are just throwing yourself into a deep abyss and you may not be able to exit, and all just to follow a dream?

Yes, one can never guarantee will get a job when returning from a long term trip, but one can’t guarantee will have the same job in one year even staying in the same company. Let’s say you work in IBM in Chicago. Great company, amazing city, and well paid, isn’t it?
You decide to give up your dream to travel the world because you are fine there: you love Chicago (is my favorite city in US), you earn well to can afford to travel during your vacations, and the company is stable, and you have good chances of being promoted. You get married, have a new born child and out of a sudden, IBM announces they’ll will be shifting operations to Argentina and India because of cost efficiency. They give you one month notice to find another job. What about the job certainty?

There is none. I strongly believe that quitting the job to go travel or quitting your dream to work needs the same level of self confidence to be able to get another job any time you want. The only difference is what the society considers as normal.

Personally, after careful analyzing it, I decided to quit and leave with no return plans.
It was though, I had a lot of voices in my head asking if I’m taking the best decision of my life or I’m just going to ruin so many years of hard work and take my entire life to a precipice it will never recover.
And No, after the trip I can tell you it’s been the best decision of my life and I don’t know anybody, but anybody who quit their jobs to go travel that that wasn’t the best decision to take at that time.

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