How to Find a Job After Traveling the World

Start looking for a job after a while outside the working field may not be that easy and inspiring, you have have lots of questions and doubts, like Is my CV going to be read?  What am I going to say at the interview about why I left my job?

A guide on how to get a job after your round the world trip.

1. Update your CV
Write you’ve been traveling and what did you accomplished. If you worked on the way, include that. Some people say it’s not professional, but I say you are the same person at work as outside office.

If the company you are applying for doesn’t want somebody who traveled the world, then you can bet you don’t want to be working there.

I believe a person who has climb mountains above 5000 m is a responsible and committed person. A person who had exit his/her comfort zone to go travel will not just sit on a desk, but will go beyond the comfort zone and come with ideas to improve things. I believe that a person who has traveled in the developing countries will not back-down in difficult times. A person who managed a hostel may be a better manager than the department manager of software development team.

2. Let your contacts know you are back.
Call your former colleagues and say you are back from your vacation, got something for them and go have a coffee or a beer. They may know about a vacancy. At the end of the day, the best jobs never get to be posted.

3. Search on linkedin and approach personally all the recruiters in your working field
Send personalised cover letters to everybody. I even told them I just come back from a long trip around Latin America. This is something which made me stand out from the crowd. Sometimes people reply as: Wow! How great you traveled! I did that some years ago too! Congratulations.
See your trip as an investment in your soft skills. At the end of the day at least half of the employees requirements in any job posting are about soft skills, no?

4. Apply apply apply to any job you see, of course, which suits your preparation. If the posting is put by a person, search the person on linkedin and send a personal message. If you can figure out the email, even better.

5. Be patient
Finding a new job, especially after you are come back from a long trip. And this is because two main reasons:

  • You’ll need time to readjust. I couldn’t even stand on a car for 3 hours a day after I ended my first long term trip, how could I stay in an office 9-5 every day?
  • It takes at least 2-3 months from the day you search for a job till you step in office, unless you are very lucky and your employer is in a rush to get the position filled in

6. Accept intermediate solutions but suitable your preparation
The job you got may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but at least keeps you busy and gives you a regular income till you find the expected job. This doesn’t mean you should drop your standard and accept everything it comes through. Even if you have been away of the working field for a while that doesn’t mean that all your working experience has been wiped off.

7. Be confident at the interview
You may need to get yourself up to date in your working field, recap your knowledge and go prepare to the interview. Show motivation to get yourself up to date fast and and commitment to stay with the company on the long run.

Good luck with finding a job after your trip around the world.

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