Traveling with Teddies – Interesting Facts about TravelMore.Live Travel Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please let me introduce you my travel friends: Romie, Boobie and Frankie. They’ve been with me in my bag every single day and every single minute of my trip.


Romie, Boobie and Frankie from TravelMore.Live

Name: Romie
Origin: Bucharest, Romania
Date of birth: 13th of August 2015


Romie on Valle de la Muerte – Death Valley, La Paz, Bolivia

Some facts: Romie represents a brown bear. The brown bears are representative for Romania which has got more than half of the Europe’s brown bear population, the brown bear is also the image of a local beer.

Name: Boobie
Origin: Galapagos, Ecuador
Date of birth: 16th of November 2015


Boobie with the Blue Footed Booby, Los Tuneles, Isabela Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

Some facts: Boobie represents a blue footed booby – the Galapagos representative bird – approximately half of the blue footed boobies bear in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Name: Frankie
Origin: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Date of birth: 2nd of February 2016


Frankie with the Guys – Romie and Boobie, Getting Ready for the Nutella Party a Luxury in Latin America

Frankie supposed to be a bear and be called Rickie or Portie, which I met on my way to Lima, when I started my Latin American trip. I met him in the San Juan airport when it called my attention by being the sad Puerto Rican brother of Romie. Back then I knew I’m going to end my South American trip in Puerto Rico and of course I’ll be back for him. And 6 months later I was back from where everything has started – San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just that I’ve seen Frankie and I felt in love with her.

Some facts: Frankie is the green, cute commercial version of Coqui frog – a frog original from Puerto Rico. Coqui frog from Puerto Rico is 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm) long and weigh 2 to 4 ounces(57-120 gr).

How has it been to travel with 3 travel friends?
Great, different, funny, they make friends around the world. Sometimes I have to watch out about them because it happened to leave them unattended and children grabbed my travel friends to play with them. I usually keep them tight together so I don’t risk to lose them.

How do I get my teddy travel friends?
Is mainly a feeling – I see them and I like them and buy them. With Romie, I was buying souvenirs in Bucharest city center some days before leaving to Lima and I saw Romie – an unusual teddy bear souvenir for Romania. I liked him and I bought him. In Galapagos I met Boobie in a souvenir shops, he was the only blue footed booby as a small teddy souvenir. I loved him and I though it may be a good idea to give Romie a smaller / younger brother.

In general my travel friends have to be more or less Romie’s size, bought by me – not gifted, you may give gifts to them, but not gift me a travel friend. My travel friends must be representative for the country I buy them and not be very known to the world. And the most important – has to be an uncommon souvenir from that country – only one shop to have it, if it’s too commercial, I’ll not get it.

How those around me treat my 3 travel friends?
Special. Everybody loves them, take pictures with them. When I left home A good friend of mine gifted Romie a badge saying I’m violet not violent. Be as well – Romie’s t-shirt is violet(blue). In a restaurant in Bogota a friend of mine gifted Boobie a Colombian flag which has the same colors as the Romanian ones, so it goes as Romanian flag too.

Any other toys you take with you in your trip?
I use to have some Romanian badges, but I gifted or lose them. I also have a compass which a friend of mine gifted me before my Latin American trip – a wish to find my way wherever I go.

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