My Daughter is Traveling the World – Thoughts of Ana’s Mom

“Let your kids travel. Let them create experiences that enrich them and make them happy. When they will be our age maybe they won`t have energy, physical condition or opportunities to do that.
Let them live their dreams, whatever their dreams are.”
Ana’s Mom


Ana’s Mom with her Traveler Daughter

I met Ana and her mom couchsurfing Ana’s couch, well room, in Zagreb, Croatia. Ana’s mom was the most caring mom I met couchsurfing! She even gave me a present to take back home. Now she’s sharing with us what the mother of a traveler feels, how is it, and much more from a traveler mother to all the traveler mothers!

TravelMore.Live: Tell us a bit about you, who you are, what do you do?

Ana’s Mom: Hahaha, well.. I`m Ana`s Mom. I`m 54 years old and for the last 30 years I’ve been doing financial and economic affairs. I`m an auditor. Due to nature of my work I travel a lot and until now I visited all of Croatia, neighbor countries and more. I was partner with international audit corporation which helped me travel more and visit some places I wouldn’t go otherwise.

TravelMore.Live: Who is your daughter for you? How will you describe her?

Ana’s Mom: My Ana is very interesting person. Sometimes I have a feeling that she feels like everything is so tight around her, even she is too tight for all her dreams and ideas. She loves special things, she`s adventurist and she`s not afraid of new challenges and situations. What`s interesting, she doesn’t watch TV in her flat, she doesn’t  need it. All things she wants to know, she finds out about them on her own way and that`s how she meets a lot of new people and makes new friends.

TravelMore.Live: Remember the first time you and your daughter start traveling? What did she tell you? What did you think about it?

Ana’s Mom: It`s been so long ago. I barely remember all details, but I think our first trip was to England when she was in elementary school, at age 12-13. It was great, we were accommodated each at different family and had trips together every day. She was one happy child with the same smile I see today in her face when she travels. For me I loved it as a new experience and also I’ve learned more English.

TravelMore.Live: What do you feel now when your daughter leaves to travel?

Ana’s Mom: A little fear because of so many bad things happening in the world every time but I know that she will come back with many beautiful memories and specially pictures that I`m always proud of.

TravelMore.Live: How do you keep in contact with to your daughter when she leaves to travel? or when she’s on the way?

Ana’s Mom: We talk whenever we get a chance, over Viber or Whatsapp to see if everything`s fine. When she leaves I track her flight till the moment she lands on the site to be sure she arrived safely.

TravelMore.Live: How do you feel when she’s back?

Ana’s Mom: Well..I`m happy she`s back, every time when I can I come to pick her up at the airport but I know Ana is sorry her trip ends and feels bad coming back to everyday`s life.

TravelMore.Live: What did you learn from the trips daughter does?

Ana’s Mom: I’ve learned that world is beautiful and we need to explore it as much as possible during our lifetime. Also everywhere is great but home is home hahaha. I don`t feel sorry for not living on some different place because Croatia is beautiful. Many people aren’t aware how beautiful is country they live in. We have many tourists every year that only confirms my thoughts.

TravelMore.Live: What would you like to share with other parents who’s children travel the world?

Ana’s Mom: I`d like to open a group on Facebook one day for all parents whose kids travel the world so we can share information and tips about safety on their trips. There also we could share our memories, photos from same locations we went and show how proud we are of our kids.

Let your kids travel, make them possible do it, help them when they need you and always be supportive. If we couldn’t travel when we were young, let them create experiences that enrich them and make them happy.  When they will be our age maybe they won`t have energy, physical condition or opportunities to do that. Let them live their dreams whatever their dreams are.

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Thank you Ana’s mom for your wise and inspiring words!

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