How to Help Your Travel Friend to Overcome Travel Depression

There are 2 simple steps to help your travel friend with the traveling depression:

  1. Leave the door open for the personal conversation for when your friend may need you as an emotional support. Unless you talk on regular bases, it will be difficult for your travel friend to contact you out of the sudden and tell you: hi there, i feel alone and depress, talk to me.
  2. Be assertive with your travel friend feelings

Is your friend or best friend traveling and suddenly starts writing you a lot?
You are always happy to hear from your travel friends. You know they are busy on their way and most of the times you try to do your life without them and let your travel friends enjoy their trip, the trip of their dreams.

So when they write you, you are just happy to write them back, but you keep going with your life as you think they keep going with their life and trip.

The reality is that sometimes your traveler friends write you because they need a friend, they feel alone, even they may not realize it.

Your travel friend is not that active any more, spends a lot of time in one place not doing too much out of their time, feels like they are resting, but they may actually passing through a low motivation period and not feeling like doing anything else. This is a strong sign of depression while on the road.

This is How to more or less you identify when you travel friend may need you or may get depressed. 

You may wonder how can your friend feel alone on the way or be depressed if he/she is living his/her dream, when your friend does something that entire world has reasons to envy him/her.

But it happens because even if one is most of the time surrounded by people while traveling, one doesn’t have any best friend to share the day to day. There is something called long term travelers’ depression and it appears after some time traveling, when the travel enthusiasm drops its levels and one would like to have somebody there to share the feelings, the stories, but all the friends are far away, in different time zones most of the times, and with different moods and daily activities.

How can you help your friend to overcome the travelers’ depression? Some practical examples:

  • Be curios about their trips. Touch base regularly with your travel friend. Ask tons of questions regularly and encourage your travel friend to tell you stories of their daily activities, about what they were fascinated about, what they found curios or just funny.
  • Listen to him/her. Ask your friend regularly how does he/she feels, if they made friends or about any other topic you are curios about or they are opening, especially about sharing the emotions.
  • Be supportive. If you feel your travel friend doesn’t have the best day, cheer him/her up.
  • Motivate. Remember him/her why he/she left to travel, how much he/she dreamt with the trip, how he/she envision this trip about. Remember to your travel time why he/she left to travel.
  • Reassure your friendship. Remember to your travel friend that you will always be there for him/her no matter of the distance.
  • Share your life and plans with them, tell to your travel friend about your daily life, with good and bad, with small details, share your emotions.
  • Just be the friend.

Bottom line, even if your friend went to live his/hers dream to travel, you must to be ready to be there for them as they will be at home, you must be willing to let them share his/her trip with your travel friend.

If you have any suggestions, want to share your thoughts on this topic, please feel free. to leave a comment.

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