A Simple Guide on How to Get Your Tourist Visa to Cuba

If you want to go to Cuba as a tourist, Cuba welcomes you and makes things really easy.

Documents needed to get your tourist visa to Cuba:

  1. Return flight ticket
  2. Visa tax (in 2015 the tax was of 25 USD)
  3. Hotel reservation
  4. Medical insurance for Cuba
  5. Passport with at least 6 months of validity, plus 2 empty pages

The process of applying for the tourist visa to Cuba:
You go to the Cuban embassy from your country or any other country you are in. You hand over all the documents above and the money and in 10 minutes you have the visa.

Good to know about the tourist visa to Cuba:

  • Everybody needs visa for Cuba
  • If you are a Cuban citizen, you must get a Cuban passport, you cannot get in with the passport of your second citizenship
  • If you want to extend the Cuban visa, they may ask you to buy insurance from the country
  • The visa is given only for 30 days from the moment you enter the country, and can be extended with another 90 while in Cuba
  • Anybody can get the visa with your passport but you will have to pay 20 USD extra for processing your visa application. The visa application process is the same, you just have no sign a paper you allow the 3rd party to get the visa on your behalf. No need of legalisation.

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