How to Get Your USA Tourist Visa – a simple guide

This post is dedicated only for those who want to get a Tourist US visa to can travel to US as Tourism purposes.

Maybe one of the most controverted visas in the world, with a lot of speculations, and subjective opinions around it, but in the same time it has a very clear process made out of 5 steps:

  1. Take an USA visa size photo, you scan it. Make sure it has the right format. But almost in every place they take passport size pictures they know what format is required by the USA embassy for the USA visa.
  2. Fill in the application form online on the USA embassy in your country, and print it afterwards
  3. Pay the visa tax to the bank indicated by the USA Embassy in your country and keep safe the receipt
  4. Schedule your interview and print out your appointment
  5. You go to the interviews with all the 4 above in paper – hard copy: photos, the application form, tax payment receipt, interview appointment and your original passport of course (2 blank pages and at least 6 months validity)

US authorities warns the visa applicants to:

  • DO NOT BUY the plane ticket till they get the visa
  • DO NOT BOOK accommodation till you have the USA visa in your passport

The US officials say this is all you need to be granted the US travel/business visa. I can confirm this is true because this is the only thing I needed to get my US travel visa.

However, there are thing which they may require and is good to go prepared. The classical story about the US travel visas is that the US authorities give you the visa if you succeed to convince them you are not going to become an immigrant who will make troubles. So basically you have to bring proves you’ll not be a problem for them. Examples of proves:

  • proves of properties: house, car, whatever you have
  • bank account statement for the last 6 months – if you are asked for this, be sure they don’t want to see that you managed to gather a nice amount of money in your bank account, but that you usually have it.
  • children birth certificates
  • marrage certificate
  • if you have your own business bring the proof – the registration certificate, a financial analysis
  • if you are employed – employment contract, salary slip, letter of recommendation from the supperior, letter of recommendation from the company – examples below
  • diplomas
  • degrees
  • old passports to show you usually travel
  • old plane tickets
  • anything else you think may help

Example of recommendation letter from the superior can be read by clicking here.

Ones again, Before you meet the US authorities, at US embassy or the US border officers, BE PREPARED; go with the right attitude:

  • Know exactly and with no doubts what are you going to do in the States no matter how many times and in how many manners they ask you
  • Be limited with the amount of people you know in the States. Personally I never know anybody and I never meet any friend. They are all somewhere outside US.
  • Know exactly and in simple words to explain what you do in your country
  • Make sure you show optimism towards your country – in just want to travel to US, you’ll be back to your country
  • Be relaxed, smile and look into their eyes. Americans are very easy going, they make jokes, talk. Do the same. However if the things are serious, be serious. You don’t want to joke with any serious US official.

Good to know:

  • The US travel visa, as some others travel visas, doesn’t give you the right to enter the country or tell you for how long you can get into the country. It gives you the right to reach the US border. There the migration officer will tell if you can enter the country and for how long. Let’s say you got a 10 years visa for US. That doesn’t mean you can stay in the US for 10 years, but during 10 years you can travel to the US on that visa. And every time you get to the US, the duty officer will ask you for the purpose of your visa, if you have relatives, friends, etc, and will let you in (or not) and tell you for how long (the maximum is 6 months at ones).
  • The US officers will not deny your entry unless they have a reason. No matter what it happens be collaborative. You are on their territory and under their laws. And if you think you are not till you cross the border, then think about the fact that you are there to enjoy the good things their country has got to offer, not to go back home with bad memories.
  • US tourist visa can be given from some weeks to 10 years.

Disclaimer: The information I provided above is the official one, and some personal recommendations marked as such. The article is free of any speculations. You may hear cases of people who applied for the visa, they had a good job, nice salary, even properties, but they have been rejected because they have an immigrant profile. I believe there is something one doesn’t know about their visa rejection and since I haven’t been in this situation I can’t advice. If somebody has been, please share the information.

Personally I got the US visa for 10 years as Romanian, even:

  • I never owned any properties other than a laptop and a phone,
  • I don’t have children or husband,
  • I had a one week old passport with no stamps,
  • I have a profession with which I can always find a well paid job anywhere in the world
  • I traveled a lot
  • I didn’t show any other document that the 4 required by the US embassy + passport. I had a lot of other documents and proves – mentioned above, but nobody requested them

BUT, I went with the right attitude – recommendations above.

Good luck on getting your US travel visa and feel free to share your experience with us.

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