My Digital Gadgets List on the Road – a Guy’s Perspective

If the Digital Gadget List on the Road – a Girl’s Perspective can fall in the category of Travel Planning, My Digital Gadgets List on the Road – a Guy’s Perspective is already a different story. For those who love technology traveling with a DRONE  is definitely a strong desire to get out there and play your toys.

I met Anthony on the diving shop in Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador. Back then he had just an iPhone. And I thought: what a simple guy: traveling around the world with just a phone. Of course that was just the appearance of the story, he has got his travel gadgets to get spoiled ones in a while.

Talking to him today, I told him I’m gonna write about my gadget list while traveling – a post idea I had for months. And guess what was his reply when I asked him about his travel gadgets list?

“I don’t have a gadget list, I have a whole Apple Store with me.” Anthony

And as a sign of mutual appreciation, he shares with all of you, a globetrotter guy’s perspective on the digital gadgets on the road.

TravelMore.Live: Anthony, please us what do you carry nowadays with you which falls into the category of gadget or Apple Store in your case?
Anthony: Well, in my case expecting my DSLR, everything can go into the category Apple Store.
My « gadget » backpack (I should call it a safe box) carry my loyal Nikon D750 Full frame DSLR, Go Pro, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, 2 To external hard drive, multiple memory cards and batteries. And recently I got a new companion … a drone !


Phantom 3 Pro Drone

TravelMore.Live: Only? Wow! Pretty impressing! Why do you have all these gadgets with you?
Anthony: Even if I call them gadget, I don’t consider them as gadget. All of them respond to a specific need I can have as a passionate of photography and video making. None of them can replace another one.

TravelMore.Live: What’s the motivation to carry all of them around the world with you?
Anthony: If I can’t show the best shot or video from a place, it’s like I haven’t been there ! From that way of thinking, I always have in mind to visit a place with always at least my iPhone with me. It’s the only camera always ready and always with you, and give pretty descent photos and amazing videos !

TravelMore.Live: Do you give names to your gadgets?
Anthony: Only my drone has a name … Maurice !

TravelMore.Live: How do you use your gadgets – one by one, or together?
Anthony: Most of them are linked together. I could not work on my DSLR photos if I didn’t have my laptop with me. But then, I will share them on Instagram from my iPhone or iPad. Same for the Go Pro. Maurice (the drone) needs my iPad to fly …

TravelMore.Live: What is your most recent gadget?
Anthony:  My drone (a Phantom 3 Pro) recently joined my collection. I had the opportunity to get it cheap and my parents traveling to South America could bring it to me, so it was a perfect occasion to get it, even more as we had planned a amazing trip around Patagonia together !

TravelMore.Live: How does a normal travel day looks for you?
Anthony:  It depends if there are some photographic challenge on the way. Most of the time my DSLR is ready to shoot, and never far from me, and now that I have the drone, every time the forecast says « no wind » is a good day to take Maurice out for a fly of awesome and unexpected aerials views 🙂

TravelMore.Live: With or without gadgets?
Anthony: Always with at least my iPhone !

TravelMore.Live: What’s the gadget you dream with?
Anthony: An iPhone with DSLR quality photos and videos, with a 16-300mm zoom, and of course waterproof and resistant as a Go Pro !

TravelMore.Live: Something else you want to add?
Anthony:  Cupertino, if you read this …. Time to work on it !

If you have any questions for Anthony, please feel free to write your comment below!

What are your travel gadgets?

About Anthony: Anthony, Coca-Cola and travel addict ! Exploring our world and trying to discover and catch its beauty with my cameras, from the sky to deep in the oceans.

You can follow his adventures on his website – and Facebook page.

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