Boo, the Kiwi Globetrotter – World First Teddy to Travel by Itself

I met a lot of people traveling with mascots, I’ve got 3 travel friends myself who go around the world with me. But the best story I ever heard about a traveling mascot is about Boo – the Kiwi Globetrotter – world first teddy to travel the world by itself.

Below a short interview with Anthony, a globetrotter himself and the one who gave such a special life to Boo.

TravelMore.Live: Anthony, how did you get to this idea of giving such a wonderful life to a teddy?

Anthony: I’m traveling taking photos of my mascots all around for about 5-6 years now. During that world tour, a teacher from a primary class of France contacted me to ask me if she could use the photos of my mascots to teach her kids geography, and went further asking me if the kids could write to the mascots and ask them questions about their trip. We played the game, and one of the first questions to the mascots was «are you travelling alone, or is there a human adult with you ? ». I thought about it, and then decided to get a new mascot that would really travel the world by itself, jumping from hand to hand.


Boo, the Kiwi Globe-Trotter – the World First Teddy to Travel the World by himself – the boarding pass for his flight Munich – New York, made somebody who owned him for some time. Photo source: Boo’s Facebook page

TravelMore.Live: When did Boo born?

Anthony: Boo is born the 18th of February 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand.

TravelMore.Live: How come you name it Boo?

Anthony: I wanted a New Zealand name for Boo. As I didn’t know any, it chose Boo, which was the name of the dog of a super nice driver who took me for a 17h ride all over South Island of New Zealand.

TravelMore.Live: What are your wishes for Boo?

Anthony: Boo is a travel addict. I wish for him to meet as many great travel as possible to take him and travel a bit with him all around the globe !

TravelMore.Live: What do people tell you when they meet Boo?

Anthony: All the people I introduced Boo before to let him go wanted to get a piece of him ! I think people love him, that’s why today it’s so hard for him to get to jump to other travelers. People who get him keep him for months !!

TravelMore.Live: How will it be to meet Boo again?

Anthony: It’s gonna be a big moment, and best of all would be an unexpected meeting somewhere on the world !

Curious to know Boo’s travel record? See below where the world first travel teddy has been:

Boo’s travel guidelines, taken from Boo’s Facebook page:

Hey !
My name is Boo. I’m the world first teddy to travel the world by myself ! Follow my journey and meet my everyday new friends over my page.

– 1st of all: feel happy, you just have in your hand the first and only one teddy travelling the world alone !
– 2nd: feel free to let the community know that you are the new friend of Boo, and post a message on this group
– 3rd: even better if you post a selfie with him. Boo loves selfie !!
– 4th: keep Boo with you, take him to your favorite places, take shot of him with monuments, friends, whatever and post the pictures here
– 5th: after few days (if possible no more than 2 week), help Boo to continue his journey, and find him a new friend to travel and get new adventures !
– 6th: don’t forget to give this instruction to his new friends, and keep in touch with them

You can follow Boo’s adventure on Facebook at Boo – the Kiwi Globe- Trotter 
And if you meet him, enjoy him! And give him a big hug from my side.
I hope I’m going to meet him too one day!

About Anthony: Anthony, Coca-Cola and travel addict ! Exploring our world and trying to discover and catch its beauty with my cameras, from the sky to deep in the oceans wink emoticon.

You can follow his adventures on his website – and Facebook page.

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