The Best Way to Make Calls on the Way – Skype

Call on the road. I read so many articles and advice about this topic that I ended up traveling in Latin America and even meeting friends on the road, without a cell phone. Yes! 7 months with absolutely no cell phone. And guess what? I never felt that I needed.
How can that be you may ask. Sometimes you need to announce you are late. Sometimes you need to check something, call for something. Don’t you feel like you have to call ones again when you meet somebody?
No. I say. I don’t have this need any more. We say we meet in 2 weeks in that place, or in a month you pick me up from the airport and this is it.
Bun com’on, you always have to reconfirm it.
No. I say. I didn’t. I lived 7 months without a phone, without needing a phone.
However I had my sim card from home, postpaid, so I used it to call my bank when I lost my bank card for example.

Blogs and travel books recomment the international cards for calling because they have better rates. With the development of the internet I can say that skype is the most reliable, cheaper, faster, better way of calling internationally. Depending on the country you are, you can call from some 1 (one) cent a minute (USA) to 13 cents (Latin America to Europe) the minute.

How do you do it?
Login to your account on, and click on Buy Skype Credit.
Login into your account on Skype application, click on Skype-> Buy Skype Credit.
You can choose between 10 or 25 USD, depending how much you call and how often you want to recharge.
Then you add your credit/debit card details and voila! you’ve got credit to call whenever you want.
Then you get to the skype application click Call and you just dial in any number in the world as you’ll do it from your phone, including the country code.
You can call land lines, call centers, cell phones.

Remember that your number will be shown as unknown to the person you call. You have the options to buy a number for any country in the world you want, but I don’t know if that makes sense, if you really need it. I guess that if you need to be called you just buy the cheapest local card.

Travel More! without spending money on expensive international calls!

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