How to Call Your Child Who’s Aboard Using Skype

Your child is somewhere on the world and you would like to call him/her?

If your child has a home sim card, in theory you could call them with no additional costs; on your side. But for your child there will be roaming costs, which they may be null while in European Union or very high.

If your child has a local sim card, and you don’t want additional costs, I recommend you use skype. You can actually use skype for skype to mobile calls or skype to skype calls (needs both to be connected to internet).

This post will explain you, traveler parent how to be able to call your traveling child on mobile, while he/she is away.

  1. To make you life super easy, before your child goes to travel, ask him/her to install skype on your computer and test the system so you because familiar with it.
  2. If you didn’t get the chance to have the skype uninstalled by your child, when it’s easy. Go on > download skype > after it is downloaded double click the download > next next next > select an user name – eg: name.surname > and congrats! you are in!
  3. In Skype application, click on Skype-> Buy Skype Credit.
    You can choose between 10 or 25 USD, depending how much you call and how often you want to recharge. Then you add your credit/debit card details and voila! you’ve got credit to call whenever you want.

  4. On skype application click Call and you just dial in any number in the world as you’ll do it from your phone, including the country code.
    You can call your traveler child on land lines or cell phones.

    Remember that your number will be shown as unknown to your child.

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