What Motivated Me to Quit My Job and Go Travel the World

“When people asked me how come I quit your job and went travel I always tell them:
I could always find another job, but I will never be ’20s again.”
Anca Onuta

This was my motivation to board my one way flight to Lima.
This was my motivation to don’t cry when I left my entire world in Bucharest.
This was my motivation to don’t look back on Bucharest Airport.
This was my motivation to walk confident towards the Romanian border.

The reason I decided to buy my one way ticket to Latin America was not because I believed so much on my dream, but because I knew I’ll regret my whole life if I don’t do it. I knew that in some 5-10 years I wouldn’t be able to look to myself into a mirror thinking I didn’t have the determination to go live my dream. I knew that when my children will ask me what were my dreams as young person, I’ll tell them with regret: I wanted to quit my job to go travel, but I never had the determination to do it, so I never left; so here I am, one of the most, who had a dream but never left to live it. This is life. Life is tough.

No way! I can’t live with this way of thinking, with giving up on what was the dream of my ’20s! I said to myself. I couldn’t live with this huge regret in my life. I left because I couldn’t stand living the rest of my life with such a failure in my mind and heart.

One may say to the self: but you can do it later. And I knew it, there is no more later. There is no tomorrow. There is no perfect time for dreams. It’s now or never! The energy and passion to discover the world will not be the same later, it’s now when you have to do it!

Yes, indeed I wanted to be one of those to did it! One of those examples which inspire; one of those to follow, one of those who can show you it’s not that difficult. You just have to be true to yourself.

On my trip, I was always saying to people I could always get a good job after finishing traveling, but I could never be ’20s again. Good travel motivation they said. They were inspired by my story, they admired my self confidence and were curios if that will be that easy.

And here I am:

  • a bit older, even I look younger
  • far richer, even with a lighter bank account
  • with thousands of pictures to share
  • with infinite stories to tell
  • a better person,
  • with scars on my knees
  • with more energy and determination to leave my signature on this world
  • with tons of plans and ideas to put in practice (one of them is this blog)
  • and I can say: I lived my dream of quieting my job and traveling to Latin America.

“I could always find another job, but I will never be ’20s again.”
Anca Onuta, a passionate traveler who believes in the power of dreams


Reaching Machu Picchu after running 1 very steep km, 4 days hike, 75 km, 4700 m high via Salkantay trek

2 responses to “What Motivated Me to Quit My Job and Go Travel the World

  1. Indeed Oscar, on the other hand it’s so easy to say it, but so difficult to do break the routine power. Is like any addiction: you know it’s bad, but you can’t stop doing it.
    Sometimes we just need a trigger or a small kick to go follow our dreams.
    What is your travel dream about?
    Stay connected and I’ll get notified in the coming days for the new inspirational posts. And you may fill in the form from Gifts (https://travelmore.live/gifts/) and tomorrow I’ll send you a personalised postcard to put it on your desk to get you inspired all the time while at work.

    Travel More. Live!


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