I Want to Travel the World – the Inspiration of a Traveler Fan

“I want to be like you!
I want to travel the world, have the liberty to move to any place I want to be, just to explore the cultures, the people, the nature, the sea, the mountains”
TravelMore.Live Fan


I want to travel the world like you! – The inspiration of a TravelMove.Live fan

These were the words of a young girl yesterday after she heard my story: “In August 2015 I quit my job to go travel Latin America, and was the best decision I could ever take. lots of laughs
so I backpacked Latin America for about 7 months, and since I likes Peru and Lima a lot, I here I am. I got a job, and I’m enjoying the waves”.

And then she approached me later and told me:
“I liked so much your story! So inspiring!
I want to be like you!
I want to travel the world and still have money to do it!
I want to have a job when I can travel some weeks in a place, then some weeks in another place, go to the sea stay there some time, surf like you, move to the mountains go hiking some days, come back and have a job in all this time. I think you have the ideal life.

Now I’m working in finding my first job to can earn experience, some money, so I can be like you and travel the world one day.
I know it will take time and effort, but from something one has to start!

Thank you for the words, it means a lot for a traveler to see they can inspire more people to travel, to follow their dreams. Keep on fighting for your dreams!

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