What Do You Do On A Cloudy Winter Day In Chicago? Go To Indiana Dunes

Chicago, the windy city, wonderful in summer time, great on a sunny day, but what do you do on a snowy, cloudy day as a traveler? If there is something simple and cheap in the States, that is to rent a car. And what can you go for a day trip near Chicago? Indiana Dunes!

From Chicago it takes one hour on 90 E highway to reach the place.

Highway to India Dunes, Indiana, Unites States

India Dunes, India, United States of America

Ones you are near by, when you exit the highway, you will find a Tourist Information Center where the personnel will give you all the information you need: where to go, what to do, where are the best burgers in the town! Ones you are stuffed with information you are set to go. And 5 minutes later, voila!

Entrance to Indiana Dunes

Entrance to Indiana Dunes

Nothing can take the fabulous of this place, not even the winder, the snow or the cold.

Michigan Lake, Indiana Dunes

Michigan Lake

In summer time here you can lay by the beach or do any seaside activities. During winter you can just enjoy its virgin beauty which cannot be even by the man.

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