Thailand, How Is It?

Thailand = wonderful beaches, the best places for diving and snorkeling, the best parties, liberty, the dream holidays on the seaside.

Therefore every European at least dreams with Thailand.

After having a closer look, Thailand is disappointing, it may be because the expectations are very high too. It’s just that Thailand is full of Americans, people (especially young ladies) who came alone for a reason, lots of prostitutes and gays.

I have to be honest and recognize that, all in all, Thailand impressed me for its architecture(absolutely gorgeous), interesting history, strong and smart ancestors and I have to accept it, beautiful beaches as well.

Visiting the imposing Grand Palace from Bangkok, incredible beautiful architecture!

Grand Palace from Bangkok, Thailand

If you want a nice holiday on the seaside, water sports, and gorgeous places for diving and snorkeling, without extreme crazy parties, drugs, women/men available everywhere, I recommend you Vietnam. There you can get all this an even more. It sounds like those boring commercials which makes us change the channel every time we hear them.

Me, enjoying a Thai lunch on the quite Koh Tao Island in Thailand

Me enjoying the Thai paradise of Koh Tao Island

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