Puerto Jimenez – San Jose By Plane – A Must To Trip In A Costa Rica

Central America for me ended up in being a bigger cultural shock than expected. If you are ever in Costa Rica, and you must do that trip in a life time, you must take a plane between San Jose and Puerto Jimenez. You can book it either directly in the airport, via travel agency or online.

As European booking a plane by calling the airport is something out of mind. And this is what happens to me in Puerto Jimenez, a remote village in the south of Costa Rica. It was 8 PM, there was no mean of transportation to get to a main highway and catch the bus to San Jose and the police officers and other people suggested me to take the plane.
So I did and I’ll do it again without thinking about it!
The plane was at 6-7 in the morning. I wake up at 5, got ready and walked till the airport. Never in my life I literally walked to the airport from my hosting place.
I said good morning to all the police station who helped me the evening before. Super kind people! and I moved further fascinated about the landscape around me. I was speechless! Just look:

Puerto Jimenez

I was walking walking and after 20 min I’m reaching the runaways of the airport. But where is the airport?!
“In front of the shops”, somebody tells me. That’s the waiting room.

I got into the check-in desk: literally a desk and a weighting machine. Super friendly people as usual. They weight me together with my luggage – first time in my life. I didn’t want to give my hand backpack, it was all I had after losing the big one. The guy ensure me he will take care personally of my backpack and it will reach San Jose safe. I trusted him.

Check-in counter Puerto Jimenez

When the plane was ready, they asked us to accompany them, they literally took our luggage and got us directly on the runaways! No security check, nothing!!! I saw how they put my backpack in the flight deck, and I boarded.

Luggage transportation in Puerto Jimenez airport
It was only 2 of us in the plane, with 2 pilots. It was like a small private plane.

No announcement for mobiles or electronic devices, nothing.

And we took off and my mouth didn’t close till I exit the domestic airport in San Jose:
I saw the waterfalls, the weaves! the houses, the trees, people! children playing! clouds! Whole Costa Rica or Disneyland from South to North!Costa RicaLook and love it! You must do it!

Costa Rica by plane

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