Parent’s Traveler Wall

Your son and daughter are around the world for a while? Or they just go regularly, then they have to send you a postcard from everywhere they go. This is something which in my family was a mandatory thing when I was a child. Of course back then there was no internet, no mobiles, and it was a way of communications. Nowadays, my mom still collects postcards. And this idea comes actually from my mom, a Globetrotter mom.

I use to send to my mom a postcard from any place I travel.
1. The travel wall
At the beginning she was putting all of the on a wall in her office. The all got full pretty soon. So she took everything out and created a new wall
2.The season travel wall
She was changing the postcard every summer and every winter – those were my main travel seasons. And when her daughter left in her second long term trip, my world traveler’s mom, vanished completely her daughter travel wall and created something even better:
3. The wall of pride
Now she just looks over the my pictures on Facebook or the pictures I sent her and selects the ones she likes with the world traveler daughter, prints them and puts them on her wall of pride.

What do you do as a traveler’s parent to enjoy your child’s trips?

Travel More. Live!

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