Let’s Talk About Trips! – South India

Living in India I discovered a new passion: planning trips. I think I will be a good trip advisor, or working in a travel agency. No, no I’m not praising myself.

Let’s take south India, the most recent place where I’ve been. South India is amazing. One can make several trips here depending what you want.

In my case… well, it has to be a crazy trip with lots of things to see. Here is my personalized trip:

Hampi: The impressing city made of stone!! The landscape is absolutely impressing! IF you go to the River Restaurant you can have the best view and enjoy your food, food which has only the names of the Indian items just enough to fool informants of Indian cuisines.

Hampi - The best river view from a restaurant

Being a very attractive touristic spot, the locals have transformed their houses in guess houses, so it is very easy to find a nice, cheap and welcoming accommodation.

Everything is on walk able distance but if you hire a bicycle will give you more mobility.

The city of stones - Hampi - India

Bangalore – the city of gardens. They say it is not a nice city, I say it is beautiful. Half day city tour is more than enough to love the city and without discover the bad things they say about it.  You can choose a travel agency or the private rickshaws that will show you the entire city for free, just visiting some shops. You get your city tour with guide included (most of them speak a basic English – enough to understand the story behind the city walls) and he gets petrol coupons from each store just for bringing people, and more for foreigners. I think it is a win to win situation, more if you are 2-3 persons, who means 400-600 Rps for the half day city tour with a travel agency … and free full day city tour with a rickshaw.

They have an amazing palace – Bangalore Palace and very beautiful botanic garden!

The Botanic Garden from Bangalore India

The most impressing palace in Bangalore India is Bangalore Palace

Mysore. Honestly I expected more beautiful palaces, but it was good… If there not been thousands of kinds visiting the touristic spots in the same time as us, staring at the foreigners, shouting and pushing, for sure I would have enjoyed more Mysore.

The Zoological Garden was the most entertaining part because the animals were very beautiful, most of them had a special arranged  zone which reproduce their natural habitat and it was the first time I’ve seen several species like giraffes. The bears which are unfailing in our Romanian zoos didn’t show up.

One of the girafees from the Zoological Garden in Mysore India

Ooty! Nice hill station. Lots of tea plantations. You can visit almost everything by your own, walking a lot, enjoying the nature, a city tour will make sure you transportation and nothing else. If you don’t have enough time to walk a lot, a travel agent is a good option.

Plantation of tea in Ooty, India

YWCA is definitely the best deal you can get in terms of accommodation and delicious food.

The restaurant of YWCA Ooty, India

Munnar – another hill station, very famous for tea. I feel more educated after visiting Munnar. I didn’t know all we call tea is actually infusion and there is only one tea plant and what makes us having so many tea selections is actually the process, and much more, the market strategies.  You shouldn’t miss the Tata Tea Museum and the tea tasting.

Anca at Tea Tasting at Tata Team Museum, Munnar, IndiaCochin – nice, quiet and very humid, so be ready to sweat a loooot! The travel agencies make very nice backwaters tours: half day on a house boat, and discovering the delicious mussels and the coconut flower water which becomes alcoholic drink after 6 hours, homemade food and on the second part of the day going on the small canals in a canoe enjoying the silence and seeing the Kerala life village.

Smal canal in Cochin, backwaters, India

You cannot miss the Khatakali (one of the oldest theater forms in the world) and Kalaripayat (it is considered to be the father of the martial arts) representations.

A Kathakali representation at Cochin Cultural Centre, Cochin, India

A kalaripayat demonstration in Cochin, Kerala, India

Kerala is a very good destination for honey moon, especially for the house boating which allows you to enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature.

Madurai – is hosting the most beautiful temple I ever seen. The city itself is very small, fact which makes it ideal for a short transit visit.

The most beautiful Hindu Temple,  Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, India

If you want to see more pictures, here you have: Anca’s pics from South India trip!!!

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