How To Start Traveling The World – Beginner’s Guide

How is it possible that traveling is so natural and easy for some, so crazy and scary for others, an impossible dream for some of you?

I would like to travel but I don’t know how to do it. How did you travel so much? When did you travel so much?

These were some other questions I got during my trip which I plan to answer in several posts.

This post aims to initiate the beginners into the travel world.

1. First travel your own country
With the risk of being contradicted/misjudged/get some bad comments, I will say: there is no better country in this world than your home country. Before moving outside to explore the world, you should first know what is your contry about, to understand yourself, where you come from, to can promote its beauty when you’ll move out. Personally I traveled Romania as a child and teenager. As an adult I did only some very few missing sites and lots of repeating sites, because believe it or not, more I travel more I love Romania!

2. Visit your friends abroad
With this globalisation, one has got friends in so many countries… Is true that some of us have more friends abroad than others, but I’m sure you all have at least a friend abroad. My first trip in Europe the classic Interrail, that all European youngsters did (nowadays is not as affordable as it use to be some 5-10 years ago). And since we are all short in money when we are young, my trip was actually hopping in all the cities I had friends. Was a good deal: I visited my friends and I traveled Europe for cheap.

3. Make new friends or borrow your friends’ friends
If you visited already all your friends or no matter how much you try, you don’t have other friends abroad to visit, then you either visit your friends’ friends (you will see that more you travel, more people will be eager to share their friends with the friends’ friends) or… make new ones. The easiest way is Then you have some other options like

4. Travel where the good deals take you
I remember that some years ago when the low cost flights where taking off from Baneasa Airport in Bucharest, the flights were dirt cheap: 20 EUR round ticket Bucharest – Rome. It was cheaper and faster to fly to Italy than taking a bus to my hometown. I covered a lot of Europe like this. Of course these prices are insane and very Europe specific, but you may find deals with less than 100 EUR return which is still a very good deal and is available in lots of places around the world. Check out my post on How do I plan my trip infrastructure to see how to find the cheapest destinations from your city.

5. Travel around you
I was thinking in putting this point the second after First travel your own country, but then I thought, exceptions may be out there.
Now, open Google maps and look what is there on less than 10 hrs trip around you? Vienna has Bratislava 2 hours away, Bucharest has Sofia 7 hours away, Bogota has Lima 3 hrs away (flight of course), Lima has Miami 6 hours away, Houston has Bogota 3 hours away. Some of this places have got low transportation costs and you may be able to add new destination to your short trip/city break collection.

If you are out of destinations after the 5 points above means you are already quite well traveled and is time to go intermediate level. This will be the next post – How do I traveled the world while having a job?

If you have suggestions on how a beginner can start travelling, comments are welcomed.

For the intermediate guide read How did I traveled the world while having a job, click on the Follow me button on the right side of the page.

Enjoy traveling!

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