How To Pick-up Your Luggage From Cairo Even It Is Checked-in Till Istanbul?

We are sorry, we can’t check-in your luggage till Cairo, you have to take it from Istanbul.

But I called and ask, they told me you can do it.
We are sorry. We don’t have a……
I know the rules, they are right, there is no point of arguing. No agreement, no favour. Contracts are contracts. But what to do now?

We can’t delay the plane for one person, madam.
Give it a try to catch your flight, if you can’t make it, then you have a flight at 9, and pay 50 EUR. There are 2 seats left.

Istanbul, Ataturk airport:
me: No, Egypt AIR!!
Transit desk! Fast!!

Egypt Air transit desk: ticket, passport, credit card.
Ok, all good, madam. Now you can calm down, here you have a glass of water, you catch the flight and your luggage will come with the next flight or latest tomorrow morning.

Ok… that’s it… they will open the suitcase, will take out the pork. You don’t have any valuable things inside.. but anyways you’ll make a fudge drama because theoretically they don’t have the right to open your bag. Then they may say, you are not allowed to carry meat, and even more 10 kg!!! of PORK!!! God damn it lady! you go to Egypt passing Turkey!!! Some respect please.
Yeah yeah… you know… I have some friends who suffer, you know… we are foreigners…..
And… that’s it. Sorry friends, no pork, shit happens.

In the plane: a lady from the airport stuff comes to say to other passenger she couldn’t get their luggage, but it will come with the next flight.
Anca is thinking: what if I ask about my luggage? I know they even didn’t try to get it, the already told me I have to claim it from Cairo, but well… you now…
The lady: Tarom flight right? Yeah, we have your bag.

Anca: ??!!!! What???!!!!! My pink and porky luggage is flying with me???!!! How did you do it??!! Woah!!!
Of course they did not, but since I got my suitcase safe next day, it doesn’t matter.

Now, the learning part: how the system works.
Tarom and Egypt Air don’t have an agreement, and this is easy to check: you can’t buy a linked ticket if the companies don’t have an agreement. But if the flight is operated by Turkish airlines for example, then the things are fine.

My mistake: I bought the tickets separately to save some money. I thought I’m better than the travel companies.
How you should do it: if you have connection flights, buy them all together in one ticket, so the airline will know about you and will take care you and your belongings reach the final destination safe.

How it works?
If you have your flights on different tickets, then they will not know about you and you will have to clear immigration, pick-up your luggage and then check-in. This is very time-consuming, it may bring you additional stamps in your passport, in the happy case you don’t need visa or you can get it from the airport.
There is no way the airline will get to know about you. You can try to call the airline, then you will cannot call to the airport. I tried it, it doesn’t work.

How to trick the system?
Golden Rule: Be fast, push your luck, but don’t trust your life on it.
Go to the transit desk, the airline with which you will fly will have a representative there because there is a flight at that time. They will make your boarding pass and advice you about your luggage. If you run out of time, most probably, you suitcase will fly in a different flight. This is very common, there is nothing to worry.
Be nice to the personnel, they know better than you how to trick the system and what is the best way to get you out of shit.

Extra tips: wrap up your check-in bag or at least have a lock, so they will can’t open it when lost.
Absolutely all the valuable things are always with you! No exception!
In your cabin luggage have enough things to live 2 days without your big luggage.

Enjoy traveling!

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