How Did I Travel The World While Working?

How do you get to travel soo much? What do you work? Do you actually work? Do you travel with your job?

This post is for the intermediate traveler who have done some travel before. The beginners have a dedicated post here.

In order to avoid confusions, for the purpose of this post, we define work as having a 9 to 5 schedule job, with just 2-5 weeks of vacation per year, so we include the friends from outside Europe. Digital nomads will be another topic coming up later.

When you have a normal 9 to 5 job, your opportunities of traveling are well defined and depending on your priorities, not all of them may be transformed into a trip.

Below we have examples of how I use to capitalize my free time into trips:

1. Weekends – use them for the nice to have city breaks. eg: Milan, Prague, Bratislava, Sofia.

2. Long weekends – use them for the must see city breaks or short hikes. eg: Rome, short trips in your country – eg road trip Romania like Danube Delta and Gura Portitei. Click on the links to see what can you do there.

3. A National Holiday in the middle of the weektake some days off and go further. For example I remember we had a Wednesday off, so I took the Thursday and Friday as vacation and I already had 5 days vacation. In 5 days you can do hikes, travel in more places. Examples of trips: 5 day Trip to England: Day 1 and 2 – London, Day 3 and 4 – Full day tours around England Day 5: Shopping, lunch in a great place.

4. A National Holiday in during the week? Take the entire week off, add the 2 weekends and Voila, you have a 9 day trip ahead. For this type of trip go further, pay more for the plane ticket, but get the most of the area. Eg Morocco and south of Spain, Jordan and Israel, Russia

5. Annual vacation – the big trip of the year. I use to take it wall in one big chunk to can use it wisely to explore further places in bigger countries like China, US, Argentina. Usually the annual vacation comes in the high season, so planning ahead is required. Now you have to go as far as you want to go. You want to go from US to China? Do it. You want to go from Europe to Latin America? Do it. There will be no other time to do it. You may say, no.. but I can’t because my job I can’t take all my vacation at ones. I would say, plan it well ahead and take as much as you can, but take it and go explore the world!

At this point you may realise you have at least 1.5 months of time to travel a year.

Some things to consider:
– making the most of your days off does get you physically wasted sometimes and you don’t have the time to recover perfectly before starting work,
– you may have to travel during the night, sleeping in an uncomfortable bus instead of a bed which requires you to move out of your comfort zone, it all depends of you,
– all these trips need a certain degree of planning or it may turn out in being too expensive, could not explore it well, tickets may get sold out, you may get stuck in Patagonia for example with the next bus passing in 4 days. Personally I was planning almost everything for long trips. Here you can read How I plan the infrastructure of my trips.
– sometimes traveling comes with sacrificing other things – time with family and friends, comfort, so it is really up to you to find the right amount of travelling which works for you.

This is how I traveled for many years and I explored a big part of the world. But the massive traveling is done only via long term traveling. No mater how much you love traveling, nobody can sustain such an aggressive way of traveling as the one above for too long. About long term travelling I will talk in a future post. You can follow me to get an email update when the next post will come.

Suggestions, questions that I haven’t answer in this post, just let me know and will include them.

Enjoy traveling!

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