How Can Your Traveler Friends Design Your Desk?

Is your best friend traveling the world? Or your best best is just traveling a lot? You love your travel friend’s destinations? Or during your trips you made friends from all over the world?

Than take advantage of it and ask for a different type of souvenir: get a new stylish decoration for your desk! Ask your friends to send you a postcard from wherever they are and put them all on your desk!

I can bet you’ll have the coolest desk in your entire company and even more, in this way you’ll have with you a small part of your friend always with you.

This idea actually doesn’t belong to me, but to a friend of mine who asked us to send her postcards to decorate her desk. Was a super successful team work! Do you still have the desk Jac So? Share it with us!

If you have any creative ideas share them with us to spread the travelers world!


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