Gura Portitei – The Place Where The Cars Are Forbidden

Imagine a place where there are no cars, where the delta meats the sea, where the sand replaces the backwaters, where the sun seems to rise and set from the same place… Imagine a virgin beach, different, which traps you inside if you are not prepared. Imagine the lake, a river and the sea and a small strap of sand… that is Gura Portitei – the Mouth of the Little Gate.

A decade or two ago, this place was completely virgin, with absolutely nothing available: no running water, no light, no place to stay, nothing.

Virgin beach in Gura Portitei

Gura Portitei – One of Romania’s Virgin Beaches

Nowadays you have several options in terms of accommodation, food, drinks, relaxation by the beach.

1. How do you get there?

a. Public Transportation

By public transportation: there is a mini bus from Tulcea which goes to Jirilovca. You must ask the ticket office in order to get the right information. Gura Portitei is yet an unknown place for most of the locals.

b. Car

The best and easiest way is to go by car till Jirilovca. Here you may want to park your car safe and take out all the things you may need, because ones you leave to Gura Portitei you are trapped there.

From here you will take either the fast(30min) or the slow(1.5hours) boat. It all depends on how many people there are. Or, you can rent a private fast boat(20min). Or.. your own private boat.

Romania, Jirilovca - to Gura Portitei

Boarding place to Gura Portitei

Ones you get down from the boat, everything changes. It is like you step on a a different land – the land of peace and deep relaxation.

Gura Portitei, Romania

Arriving point – Gura Portitei

2. Where to stay

a. Room

If you plan to stay overnight, and not really in a tent, plan it well in advance or you may risk to not find a place to stay.

b. Tent

You must bring everything you need, because ones you arrived on this part of the world, there will not be anything available.

Where to stay in Gura Portitei, Romania

Accommodation in Gura Portitei

3. Where to eat

There is only a restaurant, where the food is simple fresh and delicious. I recommend the fish soup and the apple pie.

Best food in Gura Portitei, Romania

Restaurant Gura Portitei

In the official website of Gura Portitei you can figure out more information.

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