From The Other Side Of The Wall – Palestine

8 o’clock in the morning we head to Ramallah, the capital of West Bank where Palestinian authorities are.

Really excited! As European, born in a  country where there has never been a war or a bomb, is unimaginable what is going on there.

Palestinian buses. In Israel?! How can a country have different buses from another … country? What is Palestine? To whom do they belong to? Who are they?

Jerusalem, bus terminal to go to Ramalah


Almost there. But what are these walls?

They separate Palestine from Israel.

But WALLS? In a western world with no wires between countries, here there are walls?! No Way!

Yes! Here they are:

 At 9, we are already there, having breakfast with the locals, completely strangers. As we walk through, there are so many things which make our journey very enriching: greetings from the locals, stories, photos, the funny Stars and Bucks coffee shops, smiles.

This man just invited us to know his restaurant. They beat the world record for the largest salad and now he’s showing us the Palestinian pie:

“If you buy three, I give you Gaza for free!”

How do the things look from the other side of the wall?

Sad, but happy, hard, but easy, no perspectives, but under construction. I asked a youngster: what are you fighting for?

Me? For nothing, I just want to have a good life; I would take my Israeli passport tomorrow if I could. I would leave Palestine now if I have the chance. I do not care about who did what, about the land, bomb attacks, revenge and so on, but that outside these walls there is a better life.

How did I feel as a foreigner and especially Romanian: Welcomed! Pleased! Like a looking forward guest. I can’t say more, because Palestine is more about feeling it, not only see it.

Was a real pleasure to meet you Palestine!

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